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Here is what you will have access to as a member of LFC

Beginner Modules

This is our step-by-step guide to the proficiency level necessary to move on to our regular workouts, complete with tests at the end of each module that will help you decide when you are ready for the next phase. Our Beginner Modules allow you to learn and advance according to your own fitness level and ability.

We don't all start from the same place, but there is no reason why we can't all reach our goals. We realize that each person is unique and requires a different approach dependent on skill level, fitness level, and aptitude. Your safety and progression is our top priority. You will get stronger, you will be fit, you will like how you look, feel, and perform and this program enables you to reach your goals no matter where your starting point might be.

Workout Programs

Have you purchased a gym membership and after your initial visit to sign up, NEVER again set foot into the facility? Or, if you have used your gym membership, how many pointless hours have you spent on a treadmill, elliptical, or nautilus machines without achieving any of your desired results? What was the missing link? You needed HELP, and not from an outrageously expensive personal trainer with a one-size fits all program. You needed someone who actually offers a real life program that will work.

The Answers!

Lukwago Fitness Center is your answer. We provide the missing link to the fitness lifestyle, which is a real approach to fitness, as well as the nutrition expertise we have always been known for. When you become a member, we do all of the thinking and the programming and you have access to a workout program that is not just a program but also a way of life.

Through detailed instructions, we teach you how to properly move your body to ensure the proficiency and technique necessary to deliver you safely to your goals. You simply complete your workouts based on the programming that we provide to you at our gym.

We tell you how often to workout, how to understand your body, and we explain how to properly approach this fitness program while teaching you how to tailor the workouts to your personal capability and fitness level. We teach you how much is too much, how little is too little, and how to achieve the results that YOU want. We aren't guessing; this is the tried and true methodology we have used to help our clients for many years since 2010.

The amount of information available to you once you become a member is literally a goldmine of knowledge at your fingertips, all provided to you by one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in Uganda - an award winning international coach who specializes in mobility, injury prevention, and soft tissue care and who has built his career working on nation-wide class athletes.

Personal Trainers

You will not find better coaching from more passionate people who truly want and actually insist on helping you reach and maintain your fitness and nutrition goals. We do not simply offer up some workouts, wish you luck and disappear. Your membership gives you access to US and our team as your very own personal trainers. We will be available to answer your questions, guide you, and encourage you through the community forums that are included with your membership.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Workouts?

This program is designed for anyone and everyone from the beginner to the more advanced athlete. No matter what your level of fitness might be, we encourage all of our clients to realize that part of reaching your maximum potential while following this program is to be able to have access to lifting weights.

Part of your membership to LFC includes a list of equipment you will need to get started and suggestions as to how to acquire and build your own home gym.

Nutrition, Fitness, and Lifestyle

Although this gym offers a comprehensive and time tested fitness program, this is not just about working out.This site is about achieving a lifestyle that leads you to true health and wellness.

With your membership you will have access to an ever-growing resource of mini seminars explaining the details, science, and philosophy involved in the fitness lifestyle, and the shortest path to success.

Community Forums

There is nowhere else like it you can go to communicate, share, and learn from a group of like minded people and fitness professionals all wanting you to achieve the best life possible. The Everyday fitness Lifestyle and Fitness forums offer you all the wisdom and advice you will ever need to be your healthiest self, right at your fingertips.

In the forums you will find a place in which you can find and share a plethora of fitness recipes, nutrition advice, and a place to discuss your latest accomplishments and personal bests.

Professional Support

The best part about the community aspect of LFC is that you will not be ignored! All questions will be answered, content constantly updated, and a platform provided for all members to help one another. You are guaranteed results if you follow this program. We make it attainable for anyone and you deserve the best coaching possible and that's what we have to offer.

Where will you be in 6 weeks if you don't give this a try? With LFC you cannot fail unless you fail to apply what we are offering. No longer will you walk into the gym and have no clue where to begin. No longer will you let your intimidations get in the way. No longer will you feel alone on this journey. We have everything you need to succeed and if you feel like something is missing, let us know and we can give you what you need to stay on track and be successful.

This will be an ever evolving, growing, and progressive program designed to keep up with you and your busy lifestyle. Yes, it takes hard work and dedication but we leave the guesswork out of the framework and you simply have to apply the tools and make it happen. We are in this thing together. So what are you waiting for? Let's do this!

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We give incentives to our members such that; any member who works out at the center for 100 consecutive times is officially awarded a century membership certificate!

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